Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Return of the posts!

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Hi everyone!
I'm back after a long absence at the end of last semester. I'll be showing off my stuff from last semester over the next few weeks. Today I have a travel poster assignment that I produced in Adobe Illustrator. It's my homage to this vintage travel poster.

The location is one from the show Farscape, a Jim Henson/Sci Fi channel produced show with which friends of mine will know I'm somewhat obsessed.

The location is from the episode "Rhapsody in Blue" from the its first season.

I was pretty pleased with how this came out. I was really pleased with how the lift of the tree silhouette idea from the other poster creates a lovely perspective and sense of depth. The newish option of using transparency really augmented the whole misty aspect of the location. I was a little unhappy with how the detail work on the archway came out, and I will definitely go back and correct that if this turns out to be a portfolio piece.