Saturday, February 18, 2012


Xenobiology Concept Art

This is another concept art piece I did, this time imagining an alien species that formed the basis for an ecosystem.

I have to say that my mind instantly went back to looking at my dad's entomology textbooks as a kid and being fascinated by that whole strange microcosm that insects inhabit.

The write up on this one is extremely analytical and scientific, so I won't subject you all to this without need. 

If you so choose you can read it by clicking the link below. You will need a pdf reader or have a browser that supports pdf's.

The Tree Star and the Coral Trees of Regulus V


  1. so I was eager to read...
    click the link, it kicks me out, so I create a dropbocx account and download dropbox and it still kicks me out... =/

  2. Yes, I have the exact same situation, only I had a Dropox account beforehand and I didn't have a Blogspot account.