Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Typography Poster composition

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Here is the final project from my Typography class. The assignment was to create a poster composition that incorporated various aspects of typographical theory, (i.e. spacing, alignment, kerning, tracking, font, etc.)

For my composition, I decided to create a representation of the beginning of the universe that expresses my sort of overall philosophy. That is to say, a harmony of concepts that borrow from many different traditions: scientific, mathematical, religious, metaphysical, rational and irrational. To me, I think one of the most interesting synchronicity is in many of the creation narratives that exist in various religious systems, and how their image of a universe bursting forth from a single point is strangely similar to the Big Bang theory.

I actually compiled quite a bit of documentation from the research for this project, and I can provide that if anyone is interested.

An explanation of some of the components:

The equations that shoot out in straight lines are quantum mechanical equations theorizing how dark matter and regular matter may have come into existence in the very first moments of the universe.

The Hebrew characters in the flame like colors are the Hebrew of Genesis 1:3, seen elsewhere as well on the poster for "And God said let there be light." Additionally in Hebrew, in the far background there is the image of the "Tree of Life" from the Kalahari that describes a metaphoric description of how God is manifest in the universe.

The script in the upper left corner is Sanskrit, an ancient traditional east Indian language that describes the "cosmic egg" that gave birth to the universe.

The Greek script surrounding it is the Greek of John 1:1, "In the beginning there was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God."

The green spiraling text is mapped to the spirals produced by exotic particles in the collisions made in a particle accelerator and are the text of scientific descriptions of the Big Bang.

Other text is from various mythologies and are noted in the image.